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Gospel Conversations
Explorations in Christian thought
Category: Christianity
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Explorations in Christian thought

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October 16, 2017 10:30 PM PDT

This series is deliberately provocative. Rikk takes us on a journey to rid ourselves of the prison of religious language and open up a broader, more accessible and more comprehensive vocabulary to both explore and express the wonders of our God and his working. He calls this 'the grammar of life'. Rikk has been on this journey personally - with great effect and he begins his talk with that personal experience.

September 19, 2017 03:55 AM PDT

Coleridge famously defined imagination as the human mind's replication of the divine creation of the world. In this pyrotechnic talk, Sarah unfolds Coleridge's extraordinary grasp of human creativity - and how we mirror the divine - through his touching introspective poem 'Frost at Midnight'. This poem is both a theological tour de force, as well as one of the great pieces of literature on the creative dynamic. Sarah completes the picture with her dynamic and passionate delivery.

Ron's talk (42MINS) is a twin to Sarah's talk on the Imagination. Ron takes us through the extraordinary insights of quantum theory which has put the mind and the human being back at the centre of reality. He picks apart the brutish assumptions of materialism, and shows how it looks very much like the world of matter, and 'solidity' arranges itself in direct response to the human faculty of perception. This does indeed make people the masters of reality not cogs in the cosmic machine.

August 10, 2017 10:55 PM PDT

How can we be confident about what we know - especially in an age of scepticism? This is the question that John addresses in this compelling talk on the 'Need to Know'. You would think that Christians are on the back foot here because we rely on faith to know - but John turns the tables on the sceptics and proves that 'radical doubt' is everybody's lot in life. Strangely this leads to the only conclusion - 'radical faith' must match radical doubt. The Q and A session at the end is a treasure.

June 12, 2017 07:22 PM PDT

Leisa is a practising psychologist who has discovered the significance of hope in human flourishing - but equally she has discovered the shallowness of the profession's grasp of hope. She is now advancing a doctorate to integrate the richness of Christian hope with the practice of psychology. In the first talk, she takes us on her personal journey and introduces the points of interaction between theology and pyschology.

In the second half of her talk, Leisa takes us into more detail into the applications and consequences of her new frameworks of hope. This is very significant and promising, as it lays the groundwork for a new paradigm in Christian growth as well as an enriched paradigm in counselling.

May 02, 2017 06:30 PM PDT

Moses was the most innovative designer of a social system in world history. The ten commandments sit at the heart of this design. But where does the Sabbath fit? It is the only ritualistic member of the ten words, and it seems out of date in today's world. Tony claims that in fact the Sabbath is the linchpin of the whole design, and is vitally relevant to today's world. Discover why in this talk.

April 02, 2017 09:06 PM PDT

Tony looks at Moses as a social designer - which is a modern way of describing his role as prophet and king/leader. And not just any designer, but arguably the most innovative social designer in history. For in fundamental ways, he laid the foundation for the modern world. How did he do it, and what can we learn from him about how we might act, out of faith, in the public space?

March 02, 2017 09:38 PM PST

In this talk,Tony introduces our theme for the year - the theology of Hope lays the foundation for action in the world. But Hope has not been well understood or developed by the church over the centuries, so we have narrowed this foundation down to a mere 'return of Jesus'. Tony explains that Hope in the Bible reframes how we look at everything in reality. It thus becomes the grounds for reform, optimism and design.

March 02, 2017 09:26 PM PST

In this talk,Tony introduces our theme for the year - the theology of Hope lays the foundation for action in the world. But Hope has not been well understood or developed by the church over the centuries, so we have narrowed this foundation down to a mere 'return of Jesus'. Tony explains that Hope in the Bible reframes how we look at everything in reality. It thus becomes the grounds for reform, optimism and design.

February 01, 2017 04:59 PM PST

How do we package the gospel in the post modern world? Tony’s talks in the past have critiqued the ‘sin based framework’ as limited – but what is the alternative? In this talk Tony offers us an alternative way to communicate the gospel based around creation and new creation. It includes sin – but as a subset of a bigger message. Tony builds the talk on the idea of ‘argument’ as the key communication genre of evangelism. Arguments are the art of persuasion, so Tony gives us some background on the theory of argumentation. You can find the slides that accompany this talk on our Gospel Conversation website.

January 10, 2017 03:48 PM PST

Welcome to 2017. We will begin the year with a couple of surprise releases – two of our important talks that we did not upload during the year. You might ask why we failed to do so – and the answer is ‘human error’! So that error has given us some holiday food for thought while we are in recess. The first one is from Iain Provan’s series “Seriously Dangerous Religion” and it is called ‘Of Humus and Humanity’. If you missed this talk, grab it now. It is a linchpin of Iain’s argument and of our faith. Iain explores the ‘Jerusalem’ view of humanity and contrasts it with the ancient world’s view. Moses and ‘Jerusalem’ offered the world an inconceivably high view of humanity – and one that for the first time, was a universal view not a hierarchical one. It was a view to cover every single human being in creation. He explores the social and revolutionary impact of this view. What I particularly like about Iain’s talk is the picture of God that this view implies – a God without needs who has created the universe for us and our enjoyment.

In a couple of week we will post the second talk from our missing files – my talk summarizing how we might construct a fresh alternative to the ‘sin based gospel’ – a framework for the ‘creation gospel’ as a compelling argument for our faith.

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